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Brisa is to make getting notes, tasks, and ideas down quickly. Once you have them down, it is easy to build on and manage larger projects using boards.

Quick Start

When you log into Brisa, you'll see a dashboard and a big Plus icon. To add a note, simply click the Plus, enter a title (such as Grocery List or Make Appointment) and press enter. Your new card is ready!

Next, click on the card to open it. If you need to add more information, click where it says 'Add Description' and write your note. When you're done, click the green checkmark to save it (or the red X to discard your change). Need to save time? When entering text, you can press the tab key to move to the green checkmark, and press enter to save.

When you're done with a card, there is a blue X in the upper right to close it. You can also click on the card in the background to close it.

Turn it into a board!

A lot of the power of Brisa comes from the ability to make any card a board. There are currently 3 boards:

  • Whiteboard: This allows you to move and arrange cards visually.
  • Kanban: Kanbans are a popular project management tool that allows you to group tasks by status (eg To Do, Started, and Done).
  • Sheet: A simple table view that works much like a spreadsheet.

To add a board to a card, simply open the card by clicking on it, choose "Expand Card," then choose the type of board you would like to use and click "Create."

Now you'll see a button under the description to open the board. You'll also notice that when the card is closed, there is a quick link to the board.

What else can I do with cards?

  • Add comments to post quick status updates, etc. This is useful when working with others (see the Groups documentation).
  • Delete the card by clicking the red trash can icon in the upper right.
  • Add tags to help categorize when you've got a lot to track.