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There are big plans for BrisaBoards. This page gives a broad overview of some of those ideas, as well as the current priorities.

Feel free to get involved. You can get in touch with your ideas, or even contribute on GitHub!

Current Priorities

  • UI issues. Making it painless to create and use boards.
  • Getting user feedback to understand what's important to focus on.
  • Live updates so boards don't need to be reloaded.
  • Dev/Admin usability. Docs and easy setup.
  • API tokens.
  • Sharing and groups. Done: Oct 2018


A lot of these are just ideas. With your feedback, it will be easier to prioritize based on popular needs!


Notes: Taking notes, writing journals, and note taking systems.

Brainstorm: Brainstorm bubbles and nested cards.

Productivity: Try a productivity interface, like a bullet journal.

Nested Drag and Drop: A multi-level drag and drop, like outlines or nested to do.

Time/Calendar: A calendar.


Other Productivity Tools: Use APIs to existing to do or project management tools.

Calendars: Add option to add a calendar date (or date range, or dates) to a card to export to calendars.

Phone App: Initial app would allow you to share with Brisa, select a label, or board, and add an entry to it.

Chrome Extension: Link sharing similar to phone app ideas. Embed whiteboard into a site.

Desktop App: Nice desktop app for accessing labels/boards quickly.


Comments: Add comments to entries.

Files: Add file uploads, or more advanced file groups.


Cards: Easier label/tag access. Redesign add/view models and boards.

Kanbans: Move and rename groups. Bug where new cards don't always show without refresh.

Sheets: Detect models added to cards. Keyboard friendly.

Whiteboards: Drawing. Embed boards in cards directly in whiteboard.

Labels/Tags: Show card counts.

Models: Implement all field types. Move fields in models. Other field types (star ratings?).

Plugins: Build a board as a plugin. Figure out integration points.

Routing: Reflect current view in URL and support linking.


Groups/Sharing: API for creating card groups + sharing.

API Tools: Create and manage API tokens.

User Manager: Allow admins to manage users (add, disable, delete).

Libraries: Auto-gen libraries for multiple languages with API token.

Card Update API: Allow modifying individual fields for smaller reqs and better multi-user editing.

History: A way to track the history of cards.

Notifications: User notifications of updates.

Plugins: Backend plugins.


Encryption: A method to end-to-end encrypt as much data as possible, preferably working with sharing.

Documentation: Improve docs, auto-gen and open source.

Feedback: Allow previewers to send feedback easily.