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Brisa Documentation

The Brisa documentation includes information on using Brisa, the project roadmap, installation/administration, and developer info.


Why is it named Brisa Boards?

Brisa means breeze in Spanish. I think it embodies the idea that it should be easy to keep track of things, as well as to build them into ideas and projects.

Why another organizer app?

The goal of Brisa Boards is to help organize everything from personal to dos to work projects and goals. I believe the way to do that is to provide a frictionless experience, so tracking the small things is easy, and planning and building on your more complex goals, projects, or ideas, is available through tools built into the idea itself.

Brisa Boards is open source, which means developers can expand on and build new tools to help everyone. It is also API-first, and tools can exist outside of the web interface.

How can I try it?

The best way to try it out is to use the preview. It is pretty close to the functionality of the full app, but stores the information in your browser locally instead of on a server.

Brisa is a semi-open beta. You can request access to the beta, and responses are pretty quick, but it may be closed if the beta server needs some breathing room.

Is this ready for anyone to use?

Brisa Boards is currently beta software. It is pretty usable, but there are also some bugs and usability issues that need to be squashed. It may be difficult to update to future versions as changes to the core may be significant during this time.

I liked the preview. How do I get the full version?

  • You can request access to the beta on the home page.
  • If you know your way around Linux/Unix, check out the Downloads page. If you need any help installing it, please get in touch :).

What's the tech stack?

The backend is Ruby on Rails 5 with PostgreSQL for array and jsonb field support.

The frontend uses VueJS with Bootstrap and poijs for the build. To make frontend development easier, there is an IndexedDB "backend" that requires no setup.