Brisa 0.4.1 Released!

Alright! There’s a new Brisa release available to download and install from the Downloads page! Quick note: After tagging the 0.4.0 release in git, I decided to apply some security updates to the Rails version, so 0.4.1 is the release to use - 0.4.0 wasn’t built :) The process for creating a release is getting easier. Starting to commit changes more quickly. I’d really like to create a Build doc so users can stay on the bleeding edge, but the PoiJS builder requires some patches in order to build correctly. [Read More]

What makes Brisa different?

There are so many project management tools available. Why another one? First, how is Brisa similar to other apps? It has the standard kanban interface you’d expect from an app that tracks tasks. You can use the single-row Kanban, similar to Trello and many others, or the slightly more advanced swim lanes to have multiple groups (such as grouped by priority, or by the person performing the task, etc). [Read More]

The Brisa Story

I don’t know about you, but I can procrastinate with the best. If I have a large task or project to accomplish, it feels like complete overload and it’s difficult to focus, or even begin, taking it on. I do know there are things that help me get to that ready state, and Brisa is that and more. How do you plan? Do you handle big tasks with just a simple list and solve problems creatively in your head? [Read More]

Brisa Launched!

Launched the website! Creating a home for Brisa to allow people to learn more and try it out. I started Brisa because I wanted a tool that would make it quick and easy to make notes, organize them, and build on my ideas. I’ve worked on quite a few projects over the last few years, but decided to open source this one with the hope that others would find it useful, and could use it freely or build on it. [Read More]