Notifications, Kanbans and more - Status March 2019

It’s been a busy month or so! Brisa has some serious beta testers and it’s helping to focus on the needs of teams and larger product/project management. The feedback has been amazing!

Brisa is getting close to a 0.4.0 release :) Pretty excited for this!

But this is a status update, so on with it!


Notifications are live, so it’s much easier to keep up with what’s going on in your groups.

Overview: - You’ll see notifications when someone comments on a card you create. - You’ll also see them when you’re assigned to a card. Oh yeah, you can assign cards to others on the team now! - And, of course, if someone assigns you to a card. - You can also easily watch cards that you’re interested in without being assigned.

More to come, but a nice, solid core is in place!

Kanban Management

Kanbans have been pretty useful with swimlanes and card groups, but once you created them, you couldn’t fix mistakes.

  • Kanban card groups and lanes can now be renamed by clicking on the title.
  • You can move card groups to different positions, even to other swim lanes.
  • Empty card groups show a remove option.
  • Still to do: Moving swim lanes and removing them.

And more!

  • You can now manage labels in groups. Previously, it only worked in Personal groups.
  • Labels can be applied to cards easily! Click the Labels tab, choose a label to add or remove it from the card.
  • Card assignments and watching (part of the notifications tools).
  • Minor bug fixes in sidebar, sheet popups, better caching.

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