Live Updates, Comments, and more - Status February 2019

The Brisa blog went quiet at the end of 2018, but work on it did not!

There were a number of large application updates!

Live Updates

Added the initial live updates code. This is very useful when working with others, or even using Brisa on multiple devices. Still plenty of work to make sure all changes show up, but it’s a great start!

Kanban and Sheet Bug Fixes

A lot of kanban and sheet bug fixes. They stay sync’d better, and paired with live updates, they’re much easier to use.

In addition, added semi-swim lanes to the Kanban view.


Collaboration is much easier with card comments. I can’t believe this was a low priority! The backend supports editing and deleting comments, but it still needs to be added to the frontend.

And more

  • A password change tool in the settings. Looks ugly, but it was definitely needed.
  • Added a mini sidebar when viewed on the desktop. It makes it painless to switch between multiple boards.
  • Changed the font to Open Sans, card popup fixes, etc.

And some site updates:

  • Switched this blog from a single page to a Hugo auto-generated site.
  • Switched the docs from a manually maintained nightmare to an MkDocs auto-generated site.
  • Working on a video to show off how Brisa works.
  • Working on a new landing page. Trying really hard to make it clear why Brisa is different (and hopefully better :)). The blog should help clarify some ideas!

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