Brisa 0.4.1 Released!

Alright! There’s a new Brisa release available to download and install from the Downloads page!

Quick note: After tagging the 0.4.0 release in git, I decided to apply some security updates to the Rails version, so 0.4.1 is the release to use - 0.4.0 wasn’t built :)

The process for creating a release is getting easier. Starting to commit changes more quickly. I’d really like to create a Build doc so users can stay on the bleeding edge, but the PoiJS builder requires some patches in order to build correctly.

Release Notes

It’s been a long time since the first release (0.2.0 in late 2018), so there’s a lot to unpack in this release!

  • Added live updates! When you work with others, everyone sees changes as they happen.
  • Expand card cleanup. It’s much easier to add boards and models to cards.
  • Notifications! See updates to cards that are important to you.
  • Assignees + watch card. Along with notifications, assigning cards to others and watching cards that you want to keep up with.
  • Kanban allows renaming card groups and swim lanes. You can move and remove card groups as well.
  • Labels. You can now manage labels from group dashboards. Rename, reorder, and remove. You can also add labels to cards easily now.
  • Card Comments. You can now communicate with the people you work with, without changing the description.
  • Cache for frequently-used backend calls. Should help cut back on API requests, and sync better.
  • Mobile and Desktop views.
  • Kanban and sheet bug fixes.
  • Password change.
  • Lots of minor fixes and tweaks. Font changed, sidebar cleanup, etc.

And we’re on to the next! Notifications are getting better, more fields are being added, and new boards are being contemplated. Making the dashboard awesome is a huge priority as well.

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