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The flexibility to get things down quickly. The power to build on them with the tools that fit the task.
Brisa is Open Source
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Get things down quickly.

Your notes, ideas, tasks, reminders, goals, and projects.

Get the small things down quickly, then build on them when you want.

Build on any idea, anywhere.

Make real progress by growing any card to what you need.

A row in a sheet not enough? Need to break down that kanban task further? No problem.

Use the right tool for the job.

With Brisa's extensible boards, it's easy to find the view you need to accomplish your goals.

Brisa is also:

Open Source

Brisa is Open Source. Anyone can view, run, and improve the code.

Developer Friendly

Brisa is API-first and easy to expand on.

Entry.create({title: 'Hello, Brisa!', description: 'My first card.', tags: ['Important']})


Brisa is currently in beta, following the philosophy of releasing early.

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