One place for your tasks, goals, notes. projects and collaboration. what's important to you.

Brisa gives you the flexibility to get things down quickly, and the power to build on them with the tools that fit the task.

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Handle More in One App

Boards that fit your tasks.

Pick the tool that fits what you need with kanbans for progress tracking, sheets for lists, and whiteboards for visual arrangement.

Projects in context.

Keep high level views while allowing others to break down the gritty details.

A project management tool even developers can get behind!

Your central hub.

Keep more in one place. No need to switch between apps, create docs or e-mail yourself for simple notes and lists.


Brisa is made for productivity. Work together, assign tasks, and see the bigger picture.


Everyone needs a personal space. It's easy to take quick notes, remember what you need to do, and grow your own ideas.

Friends and Family

Brisa isn't all business. From household tasks to vacation plans, Brisa will help you break it down!

Open Source

Brisa is Open Source. Anyone can view, run, and improve the code.

Developer Friendly

Brisa is API-first and easy to expand on.

Entry.create({title: 'Hello, Brisa!', description: 'My first card.', tags: ['Important']})


Brisa is currently in beta, following the philosophy of releasing early.

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