Accomplish more, faster, with Brisa.

Start simple. Add your tasks and goals to labels.
Let them flourish and grow by adding a kanban, whiteboard or sheet to any card, anywhere.
Work together better. Share entire projects instead of individual kanbans or docs.
Brisa is Open Source

Anyone can download, run, and improve the code!

About Brisa

Brisa aims to provide the best way to organize, build on, and complete your ideas, tasks, and projects.


Cards take center stage. Ideas and tasks develop, and so do your cards.


Any card can become a board. Kanbans, whiteboards, and sheets are only the beginning!


Brisa is community-driven. Try the demo, provide feedback, and steer the future!


Brisa is currently in beta, following the philosophy of releasing early.

Developer Friendly

Brisa is API-first and easy to expand on.

Entry.create({title: 'Hello, Brisa!', description: 'My first card.', tags: ['Important']})

Open Source

Brisa is MIT-licensed Open Source! Anyone can view, run, and modify the code.

Try It Out!

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The direction of Brisa Boards will be determined by users. All feedback is welcome!


Andrew at BrisaBoards


BrisaBoards Community on Reddit

Development/Bug Tracking

BrisaBoards on GitHub

Brisa Status

Brisa Boards launched in August, 2018.

  • Code is Open Sourced on GitHub under BrisaBoards!
  • Solid frontend base with kanbans, whiteboards, and sheets.
  • API-first with JavaScript, Ruby, and Python client libraries.
  • Sharing support through Groups. - Oct, 2018
  • Frontend UI needs some work. Error handling, sheet cleanup, and general small usability issues in all boards.
  • Live updates (WebSockets, or at least a query that can run frequently) are high on the list to support sharing as well as multi-device use for indivudual users.